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Thank you for your interest in for FOJA!
By filling out this form, you are consenting to FOJA contacting you via email. Please know that at anytime should you wish to not receive information, you can contact us and we will remove you from the list. 

Important note if you are signing up to volunteer:
To be signed up as a volunteer, it's important to complete as many fields below as you can. If you complete only your name and email address, your application will be considered incomplete and you will be signed up for only the email distribution list and NOT as a volunteer. Please be aware: FOJA volunteers do not work directly with animals. Please read our Volunteer FAQs for more information. Under 18: Fill out Parental Waiver and email to FOJA.

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By clicking YES, you acknowledge you understand FOJA doesn't work directly with animals and as a volunteer you won't handle animals. If you want to work with animals, see the Volunteer FAQs above and decide whether to proceed with this application.
Volunteers 18-20 are limited to volunteering at non-bar establishments. Volunteers age 14-17 require signed Parental Consent form (see link noted under Age Rules above). Under 14 cannot volunteer.
This information is needed in case there is an emergency while you are volunteering with us.
Volunteers must be at least 16 years old to volunteer unaccompanied by an adult. Children under 14 are not allowed to volunteer. See Age Rules above.
ACPS approved volunteers have gone through the city background check, and ACPS volunteer orientation.
We have a special group of volunteers located at the beach. Let us know if you are interested in joining the beach committee.
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